Project Policies and Procedures

Here you will find copies of our procedures and policies. All prospective participants are advised to get very familiar with these as you start to attend meetings. While there is more than one way to do these things, it is important for groups to have clarity around shared context. The documents are released under a Creative Commons license, should you wish to reuse or adapt for your own purposes.

Document Description
PDF The Participant's Pledge
This is an agreement that each new participant is invited to sign, signifying alignment with vision and methods.
PDF Participation Process
This is a series of three procedures for onboarding, participating, and offboarding.
PDF Decision Making Procedure
A clearly defined and documented method for making all project decisions using a consensus based model.
PDF Meeting Procedure
Outlines a set of guidelines for holding project meetings.
PDF Conflict Management Procedure
Outlines a proactive mechanism to manage conflict between participants or a participant and the project.
PDF Financial Management Procedure
A basic and temporary procedure for the handling of money, and tracking financial transactions.
PDF Terms and Conditions
Fine print for both project participants and all other users of project services.
PDF Practice Guidelines
A document that gives shared context to practice work.
PDF Vision Booklet
A 16 page PDF outlining where we want to go, why that matters, and how we can get there. This lays the foundation of the working alignment required for the project.
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